Free Hosting Users- Accounts Verification & Domains verification

This month we are introducing something new. We are going to actively check all domains hosted on Free Hosting servers.We are going to remove the next types of sites: Unverified Email Accounts Expired domains/Non-Existent domains Domains that are not pointing to us Inactive sites (like "Index of /") Inactive sites with only empty WordPress ...

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28th Nov 2020
ALCHosting Licensing System (Support)

  a huge support improvement has been done! started from today.   high number of license shifts were done from past 2 weeks from other providers to ALCHosting Licensing system, we welcome all new clients.   support staff has been increased to answer your questions. you can contact us from website ticket or WhatsApp ...

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11th Nov 2020
COVID-19: ALCHosting’s Commitment to Service and Our Customers

As you are already well aware, the COVID-19 virus has created a number of unique challenges for businesses across the globe. Rest assured that your website, business and web hosting are in excellent hands with ALCHosting. We are as committed as ever to meet your needs with our high-speed, ultra-reliable web hosting solutions. We’ve Been ...

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2nd Nov 2020
What is Coming In HTTP/3 QUIC?

  HTTP/3 is a robust protocol, offering many gains with few adoption blockers. The promise of this protocol, however, is just that – a promise. While the protocol is, in theory, an attractive proposition, it still has quite a lot of iteration to go through, which has left many programmers with a simple question – what is the current ...

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1st Nov 2020
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